Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, herzlich willkommen, Dobrodosli to my closet! I’m Tatiana and I’m a dentist, wife, mother of four, designer, traveler and lover of Dior (and many other things too).

This space will be a place for you to hear my perspective and my experience with many things that we, humans of this earth, especially women and moms, deal with in everyday life and sometimes, what I might call, my boutique life. What is a boutique life? Well, to me, my boutique life is one full of many blessings, adventures, people, and wonderful experiences that have been afforded by God, and the extremely hard work by both my husband and myself.

Why my closet? One day I am going to have the lady equivalent of a man cave but it is going to be a lavishishly luxe land full of my collection of clothes. I am a collector of many things from fine art to Limoges boxes, to rocks and shark teeth, but my favorite things to collect are beautiful clothes, accessories, handbags, and of course shoes! Right now my closet is a Closter phobic, dusty mess (who in their right mind puts the attic access in the Master Closet?? Duh) But I am in the process of building my dream home with husband and our four children. We have been in construction for almost 2 years (seems WAY longer) and we are about 70% finished. Building this new home has been both a dream and a nightmare, a rollercoaster of emotions, but that is a whole blog in itself.

So come sit down with me, let’s have a conversation over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (it’s five o’clock somewhere right? And I have 4 kids for heaven’s sake, so give me a break!) and let’s go on this journey together and learn how to Enjoy Life Now. Maybe we will stop and try on some clothes too. Who’s up for an impromptu fashion show? Let’s do it.